The PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY DISTRICT No. 6 was organized 1967, under RSMo Chapter 247 with the primary purpose of supplying potable drinking water to the customers within our jurisdictional (District) boundaries.  The current customer base is 3,131. 

The District is located south of St. Louis, in Jefferson County, Missouri.  The District has a 10-year Capital Improvement plan in place for the replacement of aging infrastructure.  The planned projects will extend the life of the water distribution system, improve the system hydraulics, water quality and assure the perpetual supply of potable drinking water into the future.  

Project #                  Project Description Year                                                
1                            New Groundwater Deep Well #8 (Complete) 2021                             
                            Timber Ridge Drive Replacement (Complete

3                            Kingsway/Queens Court Replacement (Complete) 2021        
4                            Upper Byrnes Mill Road Extension (Complete) 2022                            
5                            Carol Park Drive Replacement * (Complete)   2022                                      
6                            Well 7 Electrical Upgrade *(Complete)     2022                                         
7                            Backup Generator Well 3 * (In Progress)                                               
8                           A Lower Byrnes Mill Road Extension to Reginald Drive * 2023/2024               
8                           B Lower Byrnes Mill Road Extension to Highway 30 *                             
9                           Bear Creek to McBride Extension * (Complete) 2023                          
10                         Highway W Extension and Big River Crossing 2025                               
11                       200,000-gallon Elevated Storage Tank, West Four Ridge Road 2026       

Public Water Supply District No. 6

of Jefferson County Missouri